Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blogging Bye Bye!

Hello lovely readers! 

It absolutely kills me to write this post, but this is going to be my last post on preppylove. I'm not saying it is forever, because I'm sure I will totally miss writing this dear little blog, and may someday come back to it. But I recently started my first full time job a few weeks ago, and it has been feeling like blogging is a second full-time job that I go to once I am done with the day job.

I want to make my posts amazing, and I have been feeling a lot of pressure lately to make it better and better, learn more and more about blogging, connect more and more with other blogs, etc. and I seem to have no time to do anything else anymore.

So I will miss you all dearly, and I will still be reading blogs from time to time so you may see comments from me! You can also follow me still on Instagram (@preppylove) or on Pinterest (@texaskasey)- I'll be using those mediums a lot still!

Wishing you lots of love, babies. So long.

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White After Labor Day

Monday, September 1, 2014

Guest Post: Sarah from A Rose in the City

Hi Everyone, it's Sarah from A Rose in the City coming to you from Philadelphia to share with you all my favorite shows on Netflix. While I'm a pro at binge watching, there are a few shows that I wish I didn't watch so fast. Here they are:


1. Gossip Girl. I love this show. I actually grew up with it - when I was a senior in high school, so were the characters, and I even blogged a little bit about the books when I eventually got around to reading them. To me, Chuck and Blair are everything and they make the series, and no one can say otherwise, even my boyfriend who endearingly calls the show "gravy girl." He tries at least. Though I'm a total Blair, I have mad appreciation for Serena. If you haven't already watched this show, you certainly must, I feel like it in some ways defines our generation, if everyone grew up on the UES.


2. Parks & Recreation. Now, back in the fall, when I was looking for a show to binge watch on Netflix, I decided on Parks & Rec. because I had heard how funny it was, but none of my close friends had really watched it. Needless to say, I'm obsessed with the show and how funny it is. I legitimately laugh out loud when watching this, and like The Office and Arrested Development (also great shows to check out/binge watch), there are great one-liners. To me, the characters are so relatable, and everyone can find parts of the characters to love. It’s got a certain kind of humor that I think gets to everyone and it’s worth checking out.


3. Breaking Bad. Initially, I didn't think this show was my cup of tea, I mean, today my favorite character might be Baby Holly (not pictured above) since she's maybe the only "good" character. Really, she's a baby though. My boyfriend made me start watching this one summer when I worked a job where I worked from home, so we had a lot of time to watch the hour-long program. Essentially the story is really simple and just how they continued it for so many seasons blows my mind, but it was amazing to live out in New Mexico this past summer (when the show wrapped up) and live like a native. This show is definitely addicting, but it also made me feel like a horrible person, watch at your own risk.


4. House of Cards. This was another show that I became obsessed with at the recommendation of my boyfriend and to some extent it took on a life of it's own apart from him since I was able to watch the second season before him. It's incredibly well done and in my opinion gives really insightful advice for the working world. It's definitely worth checking out even though it's kind of dark. I find that those who loved Breaking Bad really enjoy House of Cards since they have similar dark parts.


5. An Idiot Abroad. Of all of the shows on this list, An Idiot Abroad was the one that I laughed out loud to the most. I have always loved Karl Pilkington and the shenanigans that he gets into with Ricky Gervais, and it wasn't until my friend suggested this show to me that I watched it. I'm pretty sure that I watched all three seasons in a week and a half and then I recently watched about half a season again. Really check it out. It's so funny and Karl speaks from his heart exactly what you didn’t even know you were thinking.

Thank you so much Kasey for swapping with me today!

That's all for now,

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Loves

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today is the last day to enter my Instagram giveaway so make sure you've done that (@preppylove- you could win a monogrammed decal!).

Shop the look below, or hover over the images and click on the + icon:

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Apartment Lovelies

I am so in love with my Dallas apartment! It is in the perfect location and it is just a precious little place. Now I just need my decorations to be equally as great, so I spent some time today finding things I would like to have sitting around my little abode.

Shop These Goods and Similar Items Here:

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Career Feature: Krystal Schlegel and Flower Design

Since yall know I moved to Dallas recently, I've been reading up on a lot of Dallas publications to get the feel of the city and I've seen so many cool businesses and careers held by fabulous women. I wanted to highlight some of these women to show my readers some unique paths they could pursue. The world really is your oyster! 

Today for my first career feature I got to talk to Krystal Schlegel, a style blogger who recently started a flower design business. I thought this was so intriguing and I wanted to know more! Read further, dear readers, to see what Krystal had to say!

Thanks Krystal! I am fascinated by your career and now I need to go out and buy some fresh flowers!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Shop the @preppylove Instagram (+ Insta giveaway)

You know what I love? Instagram.

I love it! I'm going to be posting more and more now that I'm in Dallas and actually have fun things to post (as opposed to studying for the bar... not as much to Instagram then...).

And the coolest part is... you can now shop my Instagram so easily!

Have you heard of Like to Know It? You have probably seen this at the end of bloggers' posts --> #liketkit www.liketk.it/iXPy @liketkit

If you see this at the end of a blogger's post, that means that you can shop that picture to see exactly what they are wearing, what is featured, similar products, etc.

So go sign up and get updates from me (and all of the other fabulous bloggers) when you like something pictured! In case you aren't already following me, make sure to go follow @preppylove on Instagram!

You can change your settings so you only get the updates daily or weekly, in case you don't want to get the emails instantly when you like something. If you want to know more about it, here is a cute video:

I'm also doing a giveaway right now on my Instagram for the winner's choice of a monogrammed decal from Etsy shop Hook Design and Sinker. I got the gold glittery monogram and can't wait to put it on my new car when I actually finally purchase one!

So now:

1. Go sign up for liketoknow.it and start liking some photos!
2. Enter my Instagram contest! (You don't have to sign up for liketoknow.it to enter)

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